I miss my pager.
Pianist Turns iPhone iOS 7 Ringtone Into A Lovely Ballad

From the original iPhone to the iPhone 6, ‘Marimba’ was the default ringtone. Then beginning with the iPhone 7 and iOS7 it became ‘Opening’, and ‘Reflections’ with the iPhone X onward. But this isn’t about ‘Marimba’ or ‘Reflections’, this is about ‘Opening’. And I regret opening my phone and answering the call every time I ever heard it. They could have also named it ‘Regret’ or ‘No Call Is A Good Call’. This song though, arranged by musician Tony Ann for piano, takes the ring and gracefully expands on it. Very lovely. If this was my alarm ringtone, I’d totally hit snooze just so I could hear it again in a few minutes and not just because I’m lazy and don’t want to get up, but mostly.