Reese’s Releases Giant Pie-Sized Peanut Butter Cup

Because occasionally dreams really do come true, Reese’s has released this massive pie-sized peanut butter cup in time for Thanksgiving. The beast measures 9-inches in diameter and contains a total of 3.4-pounds of peanut butter and chocolate. A serving suggestion is 1/48th of the pie (how can you even cut slices that small?!), with each serving containing 160 calories. That means the whole thing is 7,680 calories, and I plan on enjoying every single one of them as they slide down my gullet and make a beeline to my hips and ass. Unfortunately (and there’s always an unfortunately), the $45 pie was limited to 3,000 units and already sold out in the past 24 hours. I think it goes without saying, but my Thanksgiving has officially been ruined.

Thanks again to JustA, who, for three posted tips, earned herself a gold star sticker today, but earns a gold star sticker in love and companionship every day.