Oh man I would Cookie Monster the heck out of that right there.
Happiest Hour: Dunkabroos, A Dunkaroos Inspired Beer Brewed With Cookies

Inspired by everyone’s favorite 1990’s icing-dunkable cookies, Dunkabroos is a Dunkaroos themed ale brewed with actual cookies, vanilla cream and sprinkles by the Martin House Brewing Company of Fort Worth, Texas. Unfortunately for anybody hoping to try one of 8% cookie beers, they’ve already sold out. Double heck! Although this does give me an idea. “Does it involve crumbling Chips Ahoy into that Bud Light you’re drinking?” It might! “Then forcing yourself to drink it insisting it isn’t that bad even though it tastes like shit?” It’s good *wretches* it’s good.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees they should brew White Claw with actual claws.