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Timelapse Of 3,000 Pumpkin Pies Flying Off The Shelf At Costco

This is a timelapse video from a Costco store starring their stock of approximately 3,000 pumpkin pies (the stock is replenished a couple times) absolutely flying off the shelf prior to Thanksgiving last year. Some more info about Costco and their pumpkin pies while I choke down some of the banana bread my girlfriend made with bananas that were nowhere near ripe enough:

the recipe that is still used today was created in 1987 by Sue McConnaha, Costco’s VP of Bakery Operations. It was designed to be easily replicated across all Costco kitchens in order to create consistent pies. The pies are made from Dickinson pumpkins, which are grown in Illinois. While the original recipe was used to create 10 inch pies, today’s pies are 12 inches and weigh about 3.5 pounds.

Fascinating history, I love pumpkin pie. Well, now I do. There were many years I couldn’t even bear the sight of it, because one Thanksgiving when I was young I was trying to scoop a dollop of Cool Whip onto my pie and accidentally flipped it over my shoulder and onto the wall instead, and my whole family laughed at me and I crawled under the table and cried. So yeah, that took a while to get over. And don’t even get me started on the sauerkraut incident.

Timelapse of pumpkin pies flying off the shelf at Costco
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