Um, did you just hypnotize me?
Infinite LEGO Domino Loop Machine Gets Upgraded

Remember the previously posted infinite LEGO domino loop machine? If I’m being honest, I only barely did. When I saw this video a dim light went off in the back of my brain, and I had to cautiously make my way towards it (keeping an eye out for where I left my wallet and daymares), until I realized, yes, yes I do remember posting this previously. Well now it’s been upgraded, with different colors dominos, the ability to adjust the speed so it can slowly catch up with the falling dominoes, and the addition of another arm so it can chase two sets of falling dominos simultaneously. Still, I’m mostly proud of myself for remembering I already posted the previous version. Maybe that ginkgo biloba I’ve been using actually works after all. “You’re not supposed to smoke it.” You’re not my shaman!