Now that's a boomstick.
Shooting The World’s Largest Shotgun, 9-Feet Long, With A 1.68″ Bore

This is a video of Youtuber Kentucky Ballistics firing the Fury punt gun (punt guns were originally designed to mount to a small boat, aka punt, and be able to shoot all the waterfowl at once), what is allegedly the current world’s largest shotgun. The unit weighs in at 150 pounds and 9-feet long, with a bore of 1.68-inches (wide enough to fit a golf ball), and is capable of firing a 7000 grain projectile containing ~23,000 pellets, or a solid 1-pound lead ball, while producing 800 pounds of recoil. And while there’s no question I would still mount this thing to the top of a Power Wheels Jeep and ride it into battle, it isn’t really as destructive as I was hoping it would be. I mean my enemies have red and blue lasers! “Wait — are you fighting G.I. Joe AND Cobra?” They’re both wrong!