Now mate with that duck!
Watching A Swan Making A Footed Landing In A Pond

This is a video captured by TikTok user nahealai of a swan making a water landing, using its feet to run on the water briefly before skiing to a stop. Now I’m not sure how I expected swans to land on water, but I don’t think this was it. *shrug* You learn something new every day. Today I learned my roommate’s foot ointment and my toothpaste come in similar tubes. It all worked out though because I’ve had a case of athlete’s mouth for as long as I can remember. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS UMP SO I CAN JAM MY FOOT IN THERE! It probably takes a few days to start working.

@nahealai Reply to @oracleangel111 Here you go #swan #wildlife #nature #asmr #iphone13promax ♬ original sound – nahealai

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees nature is a trip, but not a pleasure cruise like the one we’re going on in June.