People: you have to save them from themselves.
Wearable ‘Third Eye’ Alerts Walking Phone Users They’re About To Hit Something

Because why should you die just because you couldn’t be bothered to pay attention crossing the street, South Korean industrial designer Minwook Paeng created a wearable robotic ‘third-eye’ that will alert users with a buzz if they’re about to run into something while looking down at their phone. Thankfully, Paeng created the eye as more of a piece of social commentary than a real product, although it would probably actually save lives.

The third eye is its first evolution. We can’t take our eyes off of our smartphones while walking. That’s why we evolved to have a third eye. This eye moves separately from the rest of the eyes and it opens when our previous eyes are looking at a smartphone. This project is not just a common product design, but more of an ironic or critical design.

Alternatively, build a sensor into the very top of smart phones that warns a user if they’re about to get hit by a bus. Or, even better, people could follow my example and just not look down at their phones while walking. Besides, I really only use my phone for two things anyways: ordering food, and trying to figure out what the hell is taking so long to deliver that food.