Woman Chugs Glass Of Wine, KO’s Gingerbread House

Because what are the holidays if not a time to drink too much and say or do things you’ll regret in front of your entire family, this is a video of a woman pregaming for the big event by chugging a glass of wine then headbutting her gingerbread house into pieces like she’s delivering the finishing blow in a WWE title match. Damn! If the Big Bad Wolf were even half as bad as her that third little pig’s house wouldn’t have stood a chance and he’d be in the middle of a bacon bonanza right now. So — do you think she’ll remember this tomorrow? Because based on that glazed look in her eyes, my guess is not even when she finds the frosting and gumdrops in her hair.


@barstoolsports“I absolutely love your gingerbread house…” “WELL I DON’T!” @chicks. (via: Evanbullock_/ig)

♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

Thanks to JustA, who agrees sometimes you just have to raze the roof.