But will they refuse vulgar orders?
You Can Now Order Custom Oreos With Pick Of Creme Color, Dip, Sprinkles, Photo Top

In proof that dreams occasionally (rarely, but occasionally) do come true, Oreo has just announced the OREOiD online ordering system, a system that allows you to customize an Oreo order with choice of creme color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, or white), a fudge or white fudge dip, choice of outer ring sprinkle color (same color options as creme filling), and the option to upload an edible photo on the top along with text. A 12-count box costs $30 though (there are several other buying options available too but they all come out to ~$2.25 – $3.50/cookie), so they’re certainly not the cheapest Oreos you can buy. No, that honor belongs to the store brand ‘Chocolate Twist & Shouts’ and ‘Creme Betweens’ my roommate is always bringing home. “You can’t even tell the difference,” he insisted as he dropped a handful into a tall glass of melted ice cream acting as surrogate milk.

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