Wow, great movie tie-in *eye roll*
1992 Alien 3 Pepsi Commercial Features Xenomorph Drinking A Pepsi, Burping

First aired 31 years ago when I was still too short to reach the cookies on top of the refrigerator without using a stool and risking it all, this is a Pepsi commercial featuring a xenomorph alien to ride the hype of the release of Alien 3. In the ad, the alien is chasing the two boys through alleyways, who end up getting cornered by a Pepsi machine, which is tail-whipped by the alien, releasing a complimentary Pepsi (the only kind I’ll drink, and even then reluctantly). The boys throw the drink to the alien, who catches it in one hand, slams it down, extends its inner mouth to burp in one of the boy’s faces, then leaves, presumably having learned that all drinks on earth taste like ass. Obviously, nothing about this is cannon except that it should have been shot out of a cannon and never aired. Did Pepsi even watch Alien 3 before making the commercial?