And Spongebob's eyes are actually where they're supposed to be! That's rare.
4-Year Old Accidentally Orders $2,600 Of SpongeBob Popsicles Using Mom’s Amazon

This is a shot of very dapper 4-year old Noah Bryant eating one of the 918 SpongeBob popsicles he accidentally ordered using his mother Jennifer’s Amazon account. Noah managed to order 54 cases of the fruit punch and cotton candy (with gumball eyeball) flavored treats, totaling $2,618.85. That’s $2.85 a popsicle! Even my local ice cream man only charges $2.50. Unfortunately for 37-year old Jennifer, who’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work from NYU, the popsicles were nonrefundable and she didn’t have $2,618 in her emergency ice cream fund. Thankfully for Jennifer, a GoFundMe set up to to help her recoup her losses has already collected more than $10,000 in donations, everything over the Amazon bill she says will go to Noah’s education and the additional support he needs living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). So, a happy ending. Now Noah — if you need any help with those popsicles, look no further than yours truly. I can even bring over a case each of Ninja Turtle and Sonic The Hedgehog head popsicles and we can really go nuts.