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A Chart Of All The Dresses Worn By Ms. Frizzle On The Magic School Bus

This is a chart of every dress worn by Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus, as created by biology student, artist, and future dress designer Laura Ulrich. Some more info while I try to remember anything about 1994 – 1997 besides I was young and dumb, albeit nowhere near as dumb as I am now:

According to Ulrich’s blog post, the art (which took roughly a year to complete) “includes only Ms. Frizzle’s standard dresses, with minor variations, from the original TV show.” Ulrich went on to note that she “tried to remain as true to the original patterns as possible, though some interpretation had to occur as I looked at this or that blob of colour on her sleeve.”

Cool. Although admittedly, I didn’t watch too much The Magic School Bus because my real school bus was already magical enough and *lowering voice*one time an eighth grader on the back of the bus sold me a page out of a nudie magazine for my lunch money. “Yow yow!” Unfortunately it was just the table of contents on one side and a cigarette ad on the other.

Keep going for the full chart, with prints available in Laura’s Society6 shop ($13+).