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Arcade Bar Installs Foot Pedals For Pinball Machines As Coronavirus Precaution

The pinball: it must go on. This is a video from the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle where barcade Add-A-Ball-Amusements has installed foot pedals on its pinball machines so players can play the games hands-free as a coronavirus precaution (and be able to double-fist cold ones in the process). The concept was developed by employee Alex (aka Sleepy), and two days later they had a working prototype fashioned and began converting the machines to foot operation. Now that right there is just some good old fashioned ingenuity. Granted maybe not as ingenious as my hands-free pinball idea, but *crumpling up paper* I suppose we can’t all be super geniuses. “That said ‘Mouth Pinball.'” You Nosy Nancy!