So I WASN'T supposed to eat them? I'm so confused.
Cheeseburger Ingredient Wrapping Paper Allows You To Stack A Burger Of Presents

Available from Etsy shop GiftCouturePaper, the Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set comes with everything you need to wrap a 6-piece cheeseburger of gifts: two sheets of sesame seed bun, one of burger patty, one cheese, one lettuce, and one tomato. All the sheets measure 24″ x 18″, so you won’t exactly be able to wrap the Porsche 911 you got me for Christmas, but you could wrap the keys, the owner’s manual, a pair of driving gloves, fuzzy dice for the rearview, a pine tree air freshener, and a Get Out Of Jail Free card for when I accidentally crash into the jail trying to do burnouts to impress my friends in the yard.