Coming In Hot!: Wind Blows Giant Building Sign Around During Installation

In coming in like a wrecking ball news, this is a video from TikTok user *checks name, chooses to ignore* of a Swanson Health Products sign getting blown around in the wind from the crane it’s dangling from like it’s trying to take out the building. Honestly, if I were one of those construction workers I can’t guarantee I would have tried to give it a hug like the ones in the video do. “Not my building,” I imagine saying to myself while it crashes through a window and I a pull a tattered pack of candy cigarettes from my front shirt pocket, pretending to smoke four at once.


##letitgo ##wind ##work ##construction ##fail ##baddayatwork Video credit: @crystalfoyt

♬ Let It Go (From “Frozen”) – Movie Sounds Unlimited

Thanks to JustA, who’s feeling a little under the weather today so I’m playing nurse. 50cc’s of hugs, STAT!