*spitting out blood and broken teeth* What good is a popcorn bowl made out of popcorn if you can't eat it when you're finished?!
Dare To Dream: Guy Makes Popcorn Bowl Out Of Popcorn

This is a video of maker of things Peter Brown constructing a popcorn bowl out of actual popped popcorn and resin. Personally I would have gone with an unpopped kernel bowl, but that’s just me and I have taste and decency. “I just saw you eat a piece of candy off the floor.” Were you raised in a barn? There is no five-second rule for hard candy. Also, that is entirely too small for a popcorn bowl. And I’m not just saying that because I once climbed into the popcorn machine at the movie theater to fill my tucked shirt because the two-gallon bucket they gave me wasn’t big enough, but *reminiscing erotically* my nipples have never felt so buttery.