Smashing Things With A 660-Pound Solid Steel Hulk Fist Dropped From 150-Feet

Because some people are actually out there living the dream, this is a video from the guys of Youtube channel How Ridiculous dropping a 660-pound solid steel machined Hulk fist from 45-meters (~150-feet) to smash things below, including a toy dinosaur, stack of metal chairs, empty fire extinguisher, piece of metal fencing, and wine barrel. My favorites were the chairs and the wine barrel. I mean, since they didn’t tie up one of my mortal enemies below. “What, what?” *cleaning dried blood from under fingernails with switchblade* I didn’t say anything.

Keep going for the video, first drop (toy dino) at 3:40, second (metal chairs) at 6:30, third (fire extinguisher) at 9:15, fourth (piece of metal fence) at 11:35, and finale (wine barrel) at 15:00.