Fired, everyone is fired.
Elon Musk Portrait Flamethrower Security System With Facial Recognition

Because Elon Musk loves firing people, Youtuber Marc Radinovic created a flamethrower security system in the form of an Elon Musk portrait. The system includes facial recognition that lets Marc pass by unscathed, but blasts any unrecognized faces with flames. Yikes. And by yikes I mean I must have one of these for my own home. Except instead of Elon Musk I want it to be Trogdor the Burninator, and I want it to shoot flames at me too to keep me on my toes when I’m my way for a midnight snack. I also want some spike walks and poison dart launchers. How rewarding that cold Pop-Tart will be!

Thanks to my dad, who agrees is any home security system that does’t involve a flamethrower really worth the investment?