Just like NASA astronauts eat.
Etsy Freeze Dried Pizza: Count Me In

Because why shouldn’t you order pizza off Etsy (I’ve been saying it for years!), Hawaii based seller HolomuaKitchenLLC is selling packages of ‘Da Cracka’ freeze-dried pepperoni pizza. $10 gets you a 3oz package, which probably contains more slices than you’d expect considering that shit is gonna be LIGHT. Some more info about the product while I wipe the drool off my desk with a used tissue from my wastebasket:

A tribute to Rap Reiplinger, A legendary Hawai`i comedian, we are proud to share with you our freeze dried pepperoni pizza. Light and crispy like a cracker, these freeze dried pepperoni pizza slices are perfect for snacks, lunches, hikes, and to have with your favorite beverage!

Count me in! Plus while I’m eating them I can pretend I’m an astronaut. Sure I won’t be doing any space exploration, but I will be sitting at home on the sofa trying not to poop in my spacesuit. And isn’t that what being an astronaut is really all about?

Keep going for a couple more product shots.