But does putting it in reverse pop the hood?
Every Button And Switch In Buick Activates Horn Except Horn, Horn Starts Car

This is a video of Youtuber Levi Does Stuff doing some stuff. In this case, giving us a tour of his parents’ Buick having recently returned home from a trip to the mechanic, after which every button and switch in the cockpit activates the car’s horn, except the horn, which starts the ignition. I assume this is some sort of advanced security system to deter thieves. Think about it — a thief breaks into a car and every button they push activates the horn, drawing attention to themselves! And the one button they would never press starts the car! It’s actually pretty ingenious if you think about it. “Or a wire got crossed.” Also a possibility.

Keep going for the video, which does include the wipers smacking that little cup on a string around, much to my delight.