These things are going to be as hot as the Playstation 5 this Christmas, you just watch.
Finally, The Christmas Tree Toilet Plunger Your Holidays Have Been Missing

Are you the kind of person who decorates EVERY room of your house for the holidays? Well you’re in luck, because now there’s this Christmas Tree Toilet Plunger to sit next to the toilet in your guest bathroom, bringing Christmas cheer to everyone while they pee on the seat. Actually created as a white elephant gift, the $16 Christmas plunger includes seven branches, four ornaments and one red bow. It’s made from a real plunger too, so in an emergency it should be able to unclog an unruly yule log. And, ahem *gesturing to bathroom door as water begins to flow underneath* this is that emergency.

Keep going for two very high quality Photoshopped product shots, including one woman who seems very pleased with her gift.