Hey honey -- where's our garbage can?
Garbage Truck Dumps Entire Trash Can Into Rear, Popping Its Wheels Off

This is a video of a garbage truck picking up and accidentally dropping an entire trash can into its compactor, popping the can’s wheels off in the process. How perfectly the wheels fly off — it’s like art. I mean if art wasn’t dead. Well, except for tasteful nudes — tasteful nudes are immortal. TRUE STORY: I’m always asking my girlfriend if she wants me to draw her like one of my French girls, and she’s always reminding me I don’t have any French girls, and can’t draw. I’ll never stop asking though, because– “You’re a pervert.” I’m a romantic, dammit!

@havenothadmycoffee I laughed for WAY TOO LONG at this last night! #LMAO #LOL #OhNo ♬ Jackass – TV Theme Players

Thanks again to JustA, who will let me draw that drawing one day, I just know it.