Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.
Hitman 3 Player Drags Everyone From Level Into Grape Press, Crushes Them All At Once

This video is the result of Youtuber/sociopath Teallen96 spending over ten hours collecting every person in the Mendoza stage of Hitman 3 and dragging them all into the winery’s giant grape press, crushing them all simultaneously. The game’s framerate can’t even handle all the people on screen. Was the result worth it? No, probably not by anybody’s standards. I expected this to be like a Hydraulic Press Channel greatest hits video with blood wine squirting everywhere but for the most part the bodies just disappeared. And if I were Teallen96 I’d be taking a long, hard look at my priorities in life right now then doing this all over again and hoping for a more spectacular result.