Lookin' good, Jonathan!
Jonathan The Tortoise Celebrates 190th Birthday

Jonathan the tortoise, who’s lived at the governor’s residence on St. Helena (1,200 miles off the southwestern coast of Africa in the middle of vast ocean) since 1882, just celebrated what is believed to be his 190th birthday — although he could be even older. Honestly, he doesn’t look a day over 140 to me. His estimated age is based on records indicating he was fully mature when he was gifted to the St. Helena governor in 1882, and, I don’t know if you knew this or not, but tortoises take quite some time to mature. Me? I may never reach maturity. Young at heart — that’s what I say. Young at brain — that’s what everyone else says.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees Jonathan is a great name for a son or tortoise.