Now do lawn darts!
Launching 100 Darts With A Trebuchet

Maker of period accurate medieval weaponry (mostly swords, crossbows, and daggers), Tod of Tod’s Workshop went and constructed himself a trebuchet. And in this video he uses it to launch a packet of 100 darts (held together with a burning fuse so they disperse in the air) to see how they’ll land. That’s cool. Also cool? Tod’s weapons have been featured in The Witcher. Not this trebuchet though, this was a personal project. Me? I haven’t had any of projects featured on TV, personal or professional. I mean unless the rocket car I built counts, that did make the local news. Mostly the police chase though.

Keep going for this video (first launch is at 1:15), as well as one detailing how he built the trebuchet in case you want to lay siege to a neighbor’s castle yourself.