Well hello there!
Lynx Climbs Heavy Machinery To Get Better Look At Human

Apparently curiosity doesn’t kill all cats because this is a video from a logger in Alberta, Canada of a wild lynx that climbed up on his skidder to get a better look at him while he was working. In his own words while I can’t help but admire the size of those paws:

I was stopped on the road with my skidder and looked back and to my great surprise, there was a Lynx standing by the tire on my machine. I quickly climbed on the roof and started videoing. He then jumped up on the tire, looked at me, and then jumped again on the arch of my skidder. Only a few feet from me now, he sat and curiously watched me. After a few minutes, he jumped back down on my tire and then with one great big leap, jumped off the tire back on the ground and slowly walked back into the forest never to be seen again.

Mother Nature: you never know what she has in store for you next. I mean one minute you think you know her, and the next she’s got you handcuffed to a bedpost and is waving a giant Venus fly trap around and making me feel real nervous-like. I mean you. I mean this is all just hypothetical.