What did that Ent ever do to you?!
Man Chopping Wood With A Chain Flail Axe

Because sometimes you just have to get medieval on a stump, this is a video of modern Hobbit Jacob of Youtube channel Cabinland chopping wood using a chain flail axe he made. Per Jason: “The advantages of the flail axe are numerous. The build up of kinetic energy achieved through centripetal acceleration, increases the striking force of the double-bit head. Thus, little effort is needed to achieve a powerful swing. The long handle, which is twice the length of the chain, provides ample area for one’s striking hand to be safely placed without fear of it being struck by the blade. Upon impact, force is dissipated through the chain, transferring little to no shockwave to one’s hand or body.” That’s cool, but if you were wondering if this is a good choice for chopping wood after a handful of beers, just remember you’re about one minute away from needing emergency medical treatment, but two hours from the nearest hospital.