Fire in the hole!
Man Get Scared Lighting Gas Grill, Takes A Spill

This is a backyard security cam video of a man lighting his gas grill and being so shocked by the ignition that he stumbles and takes a fall. Admittedly, you can see the grill grate jump a bit when he lights it, but that’s still no excuse for this sort of reaction. You’re supposed to cook the chicken, not be the chicken. Besides, if your grill is going to explode and kill you, you stand there and die doing something that you love, or at least something your wife insisted you do for company. He actually takes a while to get up, then he’s clutching his chest afterwards like he just had a heart attack or broke ribs. Whatever the case, I like how his wife uploaded the video to the internet to ridicule him even further and add insult to injury.

Keep going for the video while I don my “Mr. Good Lookin’ Is Cookin'” apron and nothing else.