Mother Nature appreciates you.
Man Helps Remove Halloween Decorations Stuck On Moose’s Antlers

This is a video of British Columbia, Canadian Shaydon Soucy helping a moose that appears to have had one too many witch’s brews at the Halloween party and gotten itself caught up in the decorations. Been there before, Bullwinkle!

“As soon as it saw me walk over to the fence, it started walking over to me,” he said.

“It’s kind of like he knew I was going to be attempting to help him,” he said.

After the decorations were removed, the moose started licking Soucy’s hand and even let him give him a small pat — something Soucy admits he probably shouldn’t have done given the potential dangers.

“I would advise against it and probably wouldn’t do it again, but in the moment it was worth it,” he said.

“It’s definitely the most Canadian thing I’ve done.”

LOL @ “Definitely the most Canadian thing I’ve done.” I would 100% read a compilation of the most Canadian thing every Canadian has ever done. You know, Shaydon should probably just wear regular clothes for Halloween and when people ask what he is tell them a good samaritan. Obviously, I will be a sexy samaritan this year.

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Thanks to my dad, who agrees good people are everywhere, but there’s probably more in Canada.