I like how Novoselic almost hit Grohl with a thrown cymbal.
Nirvana’s 1992 SNL Performance Gets Upscaled to 4K

This is a clip of Nirvana’s January 11th, 1992 performance on SNL that’s been upscaled to 4K with the use of A.I. The episode also featured host Rob Morrow from Northern Exposure (my parents loved that show), and the band performs ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Territorial Pissings’ before Grohl destroys his drum kit and Cobain pokes holes in all the amps with the head of his guitar. At the very end of the show, bassist Krist Novoselic pretends to make out with drummer Dave Grohl (who was casually smoking onstage — what a time!), which was cut from being shown in reruns because 1992 was basically the stone age.