I think you could have fit a few more to be honest.
No Good Will Come Of This: Minivan Driving With 57 Wooden Pallets Stacked On Top

This is a video captured outside of New Genesis Auto Detailing in Memphis, Tennessee of some poor decision-making minivan driver entering traffic with 57 wooden pallets (I counted) stacked on top of their vehicle, and even more packed inside. I imagine it was only a matter of minutes before they were in need of some auto detailing themselves, and, probably some serious collision repair as well. How did they even get all those up there? Plus you know one person didn’t do all this on their own, so it’s even more terrifying realizing there are multiple sociopaths out there. I mean I’m genuinely concerned about getting hit by one of these pallets and I live 1,800 miles away.

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees if it doesn’t fit in, fit it on.