Oh, when he's going to be ready alright. Don't you worry about him.
Oh, Internet: Bear Practicing With Nunchucks Set To Cypress Hill

This is a worthwhile video posted by Cypress Hill on Facebook (what world do we live in?) of a bear practicing with what appear to be homemade nunchucks, appropriately set to the band’s ‘When The Shit Goes Down’. Man, there is no question that when the shit goes down that bear is going to be ready. Maybe TOO ready. Like a doomsday prepper except an angry bear with martial arts skills. Guy’s probably been hibernating for years waiting for the shit to go down. “Just what shit going down are we talking about here?” Hard to say, but my guess is kicking down Goldilocks’ door and nunchucking all her furniture to splinters.

Thanks to my buddy Closet Nerd, who agrees if you DON’T have a nunchucking bear on your apocalypse survival team when the bombs start dropping, it’s time to start chugging the Kool-Aid.