That's cool, but you're still going to gag on the mold putty.
Orthodontist Makes Over-The-Top Entrance For Patients

This is a video of a young orthodontist making an entrance for a new patient, appearing out of the ceiling on an elevator with a cane and light-up shoes. Um, does my insurance cover that? Because I’m pretty sure it only covers door entrances. According to the TikToker who posted the video, the orthodontist’s entire office is Willy Wonka themed. Wow, this man might actually be the wackiest orthodontist out there, and that’s really saying something because mine used to hit the nitrous right in front of me.

@_backwoods.barbie_ The worlds most bad ass orthodontist enters the room 💪 😎 🦷 #orthodontist #dentistry #dentalassistant ♬ original sound – BackwoodsBarbie