Oh no you don't.
Pizza Delivery Guy Still Holding Pizza Box Trips Suspect In Police Chase

This is a video of 29-year old Cocco’s Pizza delivery guy Tyler of Delaware County, Pennsylvania (DelCo — which I’ve heard is not only a place but a way of life) helping put an end to a police pursuit by casually tripping the fleeing suspect as he runs by. Cocco’s Pizza — we drop perps, not pizzas. They should use that in future advertising, and I’ll let them for a year’s supply of pies. That’s 1,095 (one for each meal of the day), just to be clear. I’m a pizza for breakfast guy for life! And probable early death according to my quack of a doctor.

Keep going for two videos, the first is just the action, the second is a news report with interview.

Thanks to JustA, who’s my personal pizza loving hero.