You sound so beautiful, Chubby Cat.
Sheet Music Created With Image Of Sleeping Cat, Sounds Beautiful

This is Noam Oxman’s ‘Sympawny no.4 (Chubby Cat)’, a piece of sheet music dedicated to the memory of his pet, Chubby Cat. The symphony, arranged for ten different instruments and in the shape of a sleeping Chubby Cat, is truly is a delight to listen to. In Noam’s own words: “Chubby Cat was sweet and playful and the perfect cuddle buddy. With a sprinkle of playful piccolo, a touch of warm strings, and a sweet harmony progression – hopefully, the music sounds just a little bit like him. Rest in peace sweet Chubby Cat.” Wow, did anybody else just get allergic to cats all of a sudden? Because my eyes are WATERY. We should probably all take some Benadryl and the rest of the day off.