Forget pinecones, toss me some nuts!
Squirrel Throwing Pinecones Down To Backyard Deck

Because Winter Is Coming, this is a video of a squirrel (who presumably took a page from my playbook and saved all its work for the last minute) in Canada going nuts(!) ripping pinecones off a tree branch and tossing them down to craftyredhead’s deck below, where it will later gather them and store them for the winter. Mmmm, pinecone seeds. And kids at school used to think I was weird for eating them on the playground at recess! The sandbox sand too.

@craftyredhead More Squirrel Drama! #evilsquirrel #squirrel #winteriscoming #northernbc #princegeorgebc #pinecones #longwinter #squirreldrama #storeforwinter #canadiangirl #canadian ♬ original sound – CraftyRedhead Teresa

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees it’s never too early to start stockpiling food for winter, or the apocalypse.