Mother Nature, do your worst!
Stunning Mammatus Clouds Spotted In Argentina

This is a video of some mammatus clouds (from Latin mamma meaning udder or breast, so boobclouds) spotted in Casa Grande, Córdoba, Argentina. Freaky deaky! But do they rain whole milk or 2%? Per the person filming:

“Late Saturday afternoon the sky was covered with these unusual clouds that made us feel as if we were trapped in a vivarium, then came the strong storm with lightning, winds, and hail. We were lucky to have been there to capture this strange phenomenon, which may be a product of weather manipulation.”

Weather manipulation! Chemtrails! The plot thickens. Seriously though they almost make me feel like I’m underneath a frozen pond looking up at the ice on the surface. But I’m not, I’m staring at a smartphone screen with my pants down WATCHING A VERTICALLY FILMED VIDEO OF A HORIZONTAL SUBJECT. *tries to kick toilet stall door for emphasis, leg doesn’t reach*