The world is my bathroom!
The Krapp Strapp Pooping In The Woods Tree Attachment

Because who doesn’t want to be strapped to a tree with their pants around their ankles trying to poop when a bear attacks, the Krapp Strapp is a tool to help you poop with ease in the great outdoors. The strap attaches to a tree, with a back pad you can lean against so you don’t poop on your ankles like your normally would. I like how they gave the mannequin cool guy shades, like anybody looks cool pooping in the woods. The strap also has two pockets for holding toilet paper and bear spray. Me? I don’t a special harness to poop in the woods (which yes, will make a noise even if nobody is around to hear it — it may shake the ground a little too), I can poop pretty much anywhere. In my pants? I did over the weekend! Now who’s the real outdoorsman?