No do it again but dunk an Oreo mid-air!
Tony Hawk Performs Half Pipe 540 Without Spilling Glass Of Milk

This is a video of skateboarding pioneer Tony Hawk (I wonder what he’s up to these days) performing a casual half pipe 540 while holding a glass of milk and not spilling any of it. I’m not sure how many attempts it took, but based on the amount of milk missing from the gallon jug, my guess is five or six. For reference, I would have crashed immediately and the doctor would still be removing shards of glass from my hand (which is bleeding profusely, the blood loss partially causing my light-headedness, in addition to me looking at it). Still, an impressive feat, Tony, and if you’re willing to do it holding a glass of poisonous snakes above a pool filled with sharks, then yes, yes you can join my circus for room and board only.