Thank God you don't have to find a cat every time you need to turn the lights on.
Woman Controls Touch Lamp By Tapping Cat’s Nose Who Has A Foot On It

This is is a video of a woman controlling the dimmer on a touch sensitive wolf lamp by tapping her cat’s nose, who happens to have a foot touching the lamp base, making it a conductive kitty. Some more info about the incident while I boop all my pets’ noses and see if anything cool happens:

While eating fast food, Carolina tapped Poopy – who also goes by Little Boy – on the nose while he was touching the lamp. This caused the lamp to activate and change brightness, as the electrons traveled from Carolina to Poopy, and then to the lamp.

Wait — you named your cat Poopy? And he also goes by Little Boy? I swear, the things people name and call their cats are ridiculous. TRUE STORY/CASE IN POINT: I used to date a girl whose roommates had a cat named Clambake but they all called it Rice-A-Roni, and nobody knew why for either.