That poor mother was worried sick!
Woman Saves Ducklings From Storm Drain

This is a video of a woman pulling seven baby ducks from a storm drain and reuniting them with their worried mother. Baby ducks falling in drains is an all too common occurrence, and I’ve been saying it from years — we need to duckling-proof those drains. We have a responsibility as human beings. Sure, most humans don’t even watch over their own kids and let them run in my yard like it’s their own, but it turns out the motion-activated sprinklers I installed weren’t the deterrent I was hoping they’d be this summer. It’s like a water park to these kids, and I’m footing the utility bill.

Hero woman attempting to save baby ducks from storm drain
by u/Unique_District_9381 in MadeMeSmile

Thanks to my dad, who agrees there’s still some good left in the world. Not much, but we’ll have to take what we can get.