"Yeah don't worry it's recorded."
Woman’s Chair Breaks While On Zoom Meeting With Work Team, CEO

This is a video of Charlotte Cozenets casually discussing her weekend plans during a Zoom meeting with the rest of her work team and CEO when her chair decides it’s tired of being sat on all the time and breaks. Charlotte then excuses herself to get another chair, cursing herself while believing she’s on mute. Hey — it happens. If I had a dollar for every chair that crumbled underneath me during a Zoom meeting, maybe I’d actually be able to afford a new chair instead of trying to squat naturally for a half hour at a time. My core though — my core is sick right now. “Like you have a six-pack?” No like I’ve had diarehha for three days so it’s extra risky.

Thanks to MSA, who informed me she’s about to break a chair if she doesn’t get lunch soon. I’ll get right on that.