Don't worry, I bet Pat didn't know it either.
Womp Womp: Woman’s Bad Jurassic Park Wheel Of Fortune Guess

This is an unfortunate video of Wheel Of Fortune contestant Tenaya making a terrible guess trying to solve a Show Biz puzzle with $10,100 on the line. The correct answer, as I’m sure you were able to deduce, is ‘JURASSIC PARK MOVIES’, but Tenaya guesses ‘JURASSIC PARK BODIES’. That sucks. Just for her though, for me it’s great because now I keep asking my girlfriend if she wants to see the new Jurassic Park body when it comes out and chuckle to myself every time I say it. It’s the little things in life, you know? Especially the ones at someone else’s expense.

Keep going for two videos, the first of which is longer and better.