Whoaly sh*t is right, sir.
Whoaly Sh*t: Giant Gas Tank Rolls Off Trailer During Transport

Because no matter how hard you plan, Murphy finds a way, this is a video from Germany of a massive metal gas tank being transported when it rolls right off the trailer that’s hauling it. Clearly the tie-down straps didn’t do the trick. According to one Redditor that allegedly knows the whole story:

It was a gas tank and it was the 2nd transport attempt. (The 1st was cancelled because they needed to cut trees on route, to make room for the massive convoy to pass. Majority of people living in te area was against it, so they had to find an alternative route)

ETA it took days to clean up after the accident. Transport was in Germany, the transport company is a Dutch company. It was their first big accident in over 100 years of being a transport company

And, according to the person filming: “Whoa! Whoa! Wowly sh*t! Wowly sh*t! Whoa–ly shit! Whoa! Scheisse! Scheisse! Whoa! Whoa! WHOOOA!” Honestly, I don’t think anybody could have said it better.

Wowly sh*t from r/Wellthatsucks

Thanks to my dad, who agrees that could have gone much smoother.

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  1. Deksam

    Oh the huge manatees!!!…
    Schiza! Just fill if full of helium and lite it the good old fashioned way…

  2. Nick Pappagiorgio

    The narrator was incredible

    1. DThor

      He was. He clearly comes from the school of Rising Action. You have to wonder how he cherry-picked the best possible vantage point…