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Wait, WTF Was That?!: familee_furrr Video

This is familee_furrr, a freaky deaky video (and music) from Ghost Skool that starts with a little Furbee concert and ends with a family pretending they’re a really shitty Voltron worm and crawling under their living room coffee table. Honestly, the only part of it I actually liked was when it was over and I could slam my laptop shut, confident that was entirely enough internet for one day.

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  1. Megatron Jenkins

    What in the Nine Hells of Shaquille O’Neal’s acting career was that?!?

  2. Mr. Ordinary

    Remember when families would just have goofy fun without any concern that a video of it would be visible to the entire world?

    1. born in space

      *burning pile of VHS tapes* those were the days werent they?