I like how the guy filming decides to pass like he doesn't care if he lives or dies.
Yikes: Truck Dragging Propane Tank Down Highway

This is a video from I-90 East near Buffalo Grove, Illinois of a truck casually dragging a propane tank down the road like it’s bring your improvised explosive device to work day. Per the person filming: “I was on my way to a job interview around 3pm via i-90E. Suddenly, I heard a metal clanking sound coming from my left. I assumed it was a muffler dragging along the ground, but then a white blur caught my eye and to my surprise, it was a PROPANE TANK. I pulled out my phone for 10 seconds and filmed this video. Shortly after I stopped, the guy pulled over and that was the last I saw of him.” Yeah, I assume that’s the last anybody ever saw of him. But more importantly — did you get the job? Should we throw a party?!