"I did what I did, you don't like it you can kiss my ass." -- Frank Reynolds
Always Sunny’s Frank Reynolds In Baldur’s Gate 3 (Plus Bonus Patrick Bateman)

Note: Adult situations and language.

This is another great edit from Youtuber eli_handle_b․wav (previously), this time placing It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s paternal Frank Reynolds into Baldur’s Gate 3. Now I’ve never played Baldur’s Gate 3, but I still very much enjoyed the video. That Frank — what a dumpster fire. Frank Gallagher in Shameless too. What is it with Franks being such degenerates? And is it any coincidence that’s my brother’s name? Haha, burn, Frank! Just kidding, he’s the golden child — I’M the black sheep of the family. And by sheep I obviously mean fire-breathing helldragon.