I'll have one of each please!
Cheese Expert Makes A Grilled Cheese With Each Of 56 Different Cheeses

Presumably to taunt me that lunch is still three hours away, this is a video of third generation cheesemonger Adam Moskowitz making 56 grilled cheese sandwiches with 56 different cheeses. My God that sounds like a dream. “Mmmmm! With some tomato soup?” I DON’T DO THE SOUP. Adam’s findings from the experiment:

My top five cheeses of the day are, Oaxaca, Camembert, Fontina, Gruyère, and Roquefort, with the MVP being Parmigiano-Reggiano.…But the most important thing I learned today is that melted cheese is awesome.

As a cheesemonger, there’s NO WAY it took him until the day he made 56 different grilled cheeses to realize that melted cheese is awesome. Even non-cheesemongers realize that with their first bite of a grilled cheese as a child. It’s a lifelong love affair. And one that will never cheat on you unless you become lactose intolerant. Then it will do you dirty.