Oh man, I've seen music before.
Attaching Garden Hose To Subwoofer To Spray Sound Waves

These are a couple videos from psychologist Edgar Ciancio, who attached the business end of a garden hose to the cone of a subwoofer to vibrate the water coming out in sync with the sound waves produced. Pretty cool, and I can’t wait to demonstrate this at my next BBQ and tell friends and family I came up with the idea myself. And why shouldn’t I? There’s no way any of them follow Edgar on TikTok or read this website. Plus mine’s going to be attached to a statue of a naked cherub peeing.


Lanza de riego con efecto estroboscópico (segunda prueba) usando el tema Billy Jeans (rebajado de 27Hz en adelante)

♬ sonido original – Edgar Ciancio


♬ sonido original – e b r